10 Reasons to take the SAT

Don’t like the ACT? Completely unsure which to take? Maybe you need to look at our 10 Reasons to Take the SAT instead!

We compiled this as a followup to our 10 Reasons to take the ACT post. As we said in our last post, please use this advice in conjunction with proper guidance counseling and keep in mind that what works for many may not work for you.

And if you’re really unsure, email us at info@moprep.com to sign up for a Saturday practice test (or two) to try one out!

Without further ado:

1. There’s a summer SAT this year! August 26th 2017 is the official summer SAT date. For some schools this is still after school has started, but for many it is before your summer homework is due and Junior/Senior year classes have begun.
2. Khan Academy gives away plenty of practice material, and the practice tests are all available free online at collegeboard.org.

3. You’ll be able to compare your score to your parents – the test has returned to a 1600 scale so your parents may actually know what your score means.

4. The test is common-core aligned in the math, which may mean it’s easier for you.

5. The math section is more algebra focused than the ACT, so if you’ve done well in classes, you may find it easier than the ACT with vectors, matrices, pre-calc, probability, and statistics.

6. The passages read more similarly to AP Lit and AP Lang passages, so if you are taking an AP English (or equivalent), the reading may be easier.

7. There is less of an emphasis on the grammar portion of the English section, so less new material to master to get a perfect score.

8. The math counts more heavily into the total on the SAT, and there’s no Science.

9. You have already started practicing if you’ve taken the PSAT. (And if you haven’t, you easily can by going to Khan Academy!).

10. The SAT is developed by ETS, the same company who develops the CAASPP, the GRE, the AP tests, and the PSAT. While all of the tests are different assessments, there will be some level of overlap, i.e. preparing for one will help you prepare for the others as well.

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