ACT Calculator Policy Update: Sep 2017

Last month, we noted a change to the calculator policy (effective July 2017) and outlined possible impacts this change could have on test day, in addition to letting you know some backup plans in case these changes were implemented strictly.

While we still recommend being prepared for those changes to take effect at any test administration, it seems this September test was not impacted in any way. Students were still allowed to use their calculators, with no confiscations or CAS app checks by proctors.

It remains to be seen if these changes will ever be implemented strictly or if they are serving as more of a discouragement for the rule-following students than anything else. The rules seem to be written in such an open-ended way so as to allow space for ACT to enforce the policy broadly or strictly whenever they determine. We will keep you updated if we hear of any strict interpretations on test day, but the best you can do regardless is to be prepared just in case.

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