ACT SAT Score Release Oct and Nov 2017

This week marked the release of most of the ACT scores. In a departure from recent tests, ACT took longer to release the scores this October, waiting 17 days instead of the usual 10.

Last October (2016) had very high scores, so it’s possible that ACT spent the additional 7 days calibrating the curve to ensure the same thing didn’t repeat this year. It’s also possible that ACT used the additional 7 days to honor our Veterans over the holiday and/or attend to other pressing organization matters.

On the other side, SAT has been moving up their turnaround rate for test score release windows, with the first scores from the Nov 7th test becoming available Nov 17th (10 days – coincidence?) and all scores available by Nov 23rd.

Traditionally, SAT has taken longer to release scores and has released them all in one batch, but with the ACT dominating the market and releasing some in 10 days (prior to this most recent test, of course), the SAT probably felt pressure to perform similarly.

You may be asking – what does this all mean? For now, probably not much other than extending or shortening the anxious waiting time between test taking and test scoring. However, it does signal on a large scale how much these two testing companies are responding to each others’ moves and competing for your testing dollars. We also may see some big shifts on score reporting, percentiles, or scores in the coming months or years, but only time will tell.

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