AP Credits at the UC’s

For those of you who are contemplating switching your classes around before the school year gets underway, it might be useful to take a look at which classes the UC system accepts for credit.

The information is available here: UC AP Credit.

Highlights include the minimum score required to earn credit (a score of 3) as well as the statement that lower than that will not adversely impact your application for admission (good news for you students over at Cathedral!).

Another thing to look for is how much credit is offered per class. A successful APUSH exam will give you 8 credits, while a successful APES or AP Pych will only give you 4 credits. AP Lit and AP Lang both offer 8 credits, but you will max out at that 8 credit in the English department, which means if you’ve scored successfully on one, you’ve already earned the 8 credits you can possibly earn from the English exams. Of course it’s still potentially helpful to do well on the other test to bolster your chances of admission, but know that the only goal would be for admissions at that point, not credit.

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