Apps to Help with the English/Writing Section

Some of our students (especially our non-native speakers) have difficulty with the phrases and small words on the ACT and SAT grammar portions (the English and Writing sections, respectively).

I’ve found some apps that may be of use that are available (for free!) on both iPhones and Androids:

Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge (by the British Council) features quizzes on Grammar, Words, and Spelling. The Grammar portion is the one you’ll find the most useful and has a high amount of overlap with some of the question types on the ACT/SAT. It’s basically a series of quizzes that has a leaderboard function so it has a nice competition portion of it. You can connect it to an account or you can play as a guest (both for free).


Preposition Master, a slick app with various levels that quizzes you on sentences and phrases to fill in the correct preposition. There is a free version that you can download to see if it would help you! I like playing a sentence or two at a time in the small waiting spaces of my day. You won’t need to go all the way to the Proverb level (the highest level), but it may be fun to challenge yourself if the other ones get too easy.


Any others? Let me know! I’ll be happy to add them.

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