Beat the Deadlines to Avoid Stress

Applying to college and filling out applications are stressful. This is not new news. Neither is this: a lot of the stress attached to the application process is due to procrastination. The good news about this old news is it means there’s an easy way to avoid a little (or a lot of) stress.

The application deadline is not a recommended submission date – so save yourself some anxiety and don’t treat it like one. Give yourself a cushion and kick stress to the curb. It’s easy to underestimate the time applying will actually take – and sometimes the easy things we take for granted end up causing us HUGE headaches. For example, many prospective students applying for early decision/action for Fall 2014 admissions with the common application know this all too well.

Read more about glitches with the common app at theĀ New York Times, Washington Post, and CNBC.

So… instead of meeting the deadline, try beating it.

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