College Readiness: Writing 101

Now that all the thrill and pain is through with college admission decisions, you are probably starting to think through the next steps. Besides all the fun of visiting and choosing you/your child’s future college, placing deposits and filling out roommate matching forms, some of the other realities are probably starting to set in as well, such as new friends, your child being away from home, holiday visits, etc. There’s also the question of preparedness. You’ve worked so hard to prepare for and select a college that is the right or best fit, that you also want to make sure that you’re as ready for success there as possible!

We are fortunate to have someone on staff who has been instrumental in the college writing entrance requirements as part of her previous experience. Amy Hicks holds her PhD in English Literature from University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign. She has 10 years experience teaching university level composition and writing intensive classes, and has helped students with their individual assignments across all major disciplines, including for major classes in business and STEM. She is our go-to resource for all things English and Writing, and she has proven an invaluable resource to some of our senior students looking towards their University level courses next year.

If you are interested in working with Amy, either on an individual essay or as part of a college preparation program, please call us at (858) 951-7149 or email us at info@moprep.com.

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