December ACT Seniors

Thanks to a tip from a parent, we’ve noticed that it looks like more and more California schools are accepting the December ACT test results if they’re received by December 31. If all goes well, both the SAT and the ACT will have the score results back in time for the applications. Last year, not all did go well, but we believe this was due to circumstances that only applied last year.

Recall: the SAT was about to change. They generally were giving themselves longer timelines to return scores and sometimes (like in the case of the PSAT), didn’t even hit those deadlines, missing that deadline by about a month. This year, they have been hitting their deadlines, and have even moved up the return date so that the scores are in to schools on time.

Also, the ACT revamped their essay entirely. The tests were scored, but the essays weren’t graded yet, delaying the full score report until it was too late. As the essay format has not changed since then, we have no reason to expect that the scores will come back behind schedule.

All that being said, with the UC’s and the Cal State’s almost universally accepting the December test date, and assuming the tests come back on time as promised, they still might not make a difference. The UC and Cal State systems close Nov 30, so it is possible they will have finished reviewing your application by the time you send your newest test score in.

So – is it worth it? Perhaps. If you think you can get your score up and you want to try anything you can to do so, it might be worth it. But if you feel like you’ve done a pretty good job and your time would be better spent elsewhere (essays, classwork, heck, even with friends and family), then it may be wise to skip it.

Congratulations seniors, you’re almost there!

P.S. Please reach out if you have any further questions at info@moprep.com.

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