Deleting or Canceling Scores

The rules are different for the SAT and the ACT, so we put together a primer on what’s possible if you’re not happy with how a particular test went.

Question: I don’t feel too good about my test, although I don’t have my score yet – what can I do?

Answer: Putting aside all of the things you can do to improve your test score for your next sitting, you have the option, depending on the test and the timeline, to cancel or delete scores. If you took the SAT, you have up until the Wednesday after to cancel your scores. This means your test will not be scored, and no record of it will exist. If you took the ACT, the only day you can cancel your score is the day that you took the test, at the test site itself.

Question: I have my score and I don’t like it. What can I do?

Answer: For the SAT, nothing other than hope the schools you’re applying to don’t care too much about the score. For the ACT, you can delete the score. According to the ACT website (screenshot taken today, Apr 16, 2019), you can delete any score of yours by submitting a written request, detailed below.

Question: What about deleting Subject Test scores?

Answer: The same rules apply about canceling day-of or up to three days after the test to cancel scores. However, you must cancel all of your subject test scores if you want to cancel any of them. So test day is not the day to take a test on a whim. Take a practice test to get an idea of if you’d do well! Once you’ve sat for a subject test, it will automatically be scored, so do all you can to ensure each score is a good score!

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