Don’t forget to SAS/QAS!

If you are registered to take the SAT, you have the option to pay an additional fee to receive the SAS or QAS.

What is the SAS/QAS? 

The QAS (price currently $18) provides you with a copy of the test, the answer key, and your letter choice responses (A/B/C/D). A copy of the test may continue to be released publicly, but the only way to see what you answered is to order the QAS.

The SAS (price currently $13.50) provides you only with your response accuracy (Right/Wrong/Omit), question type, and level of difficulty. While it is certainly a lot less information than the QAS, it can still be invaluable in determining if there were large gaps in strategy, either from a question level standpoint or from a section management standpoint.

Which test date gives me the QAS? 

The QAS is only offered on the October, March, and May tests. The SAS is offered for all other SAT test dates (August, November, December, and June).

How do I order it if I’ve already registered?

If you have already registered for a test, you can add on the QAS or SAS through the online portal. However, if you prefer pen and paper, you can print out the form and order here: SAT Answer Verification Service Order Form.

When do I get the QAS/SAS?

Approximately 8-10 weeks after your results are released. This means for the December 2 test with a last release date of Dec 21, we’re looking at receiving the SAS sometime between Feb 9th and March 1st in the worst case scenario. Official release dates for SAT scores are available here: Getting SAT Results.

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