How Much Do You Know About the SAT/ACT?

A little True/False quiz to see what you know about the SAT, the ACT, the PSAT, and prep in general:

1.  T/F      The SAT is accepted by every college in the US.
2.  T/F       The ACT is not accepted by every college in the US.
3.  T/F       More students take the SAT nationwide than the ACT.
4.  T/F      As a student, I am most likely to score equally well on both tests.
5.  T/F       Prep towards one test will most likely increase my score on the other test.
6.  T/F       Prep may help me in my classes at school.
7.  T/F       Homework and test prep will take up more than 3 hours a week if I want to improve.
8.  T/F       Feeling prepared on test day will likely result in a higher score.
9.  T/F       An increase in my score will most likely impact which colleges I get into.
10. T/F      An increase in my score may impact how much aid I receive from colleges.
11. T/F       Taking the PSAT will help me feel more prepared regardless of if I end up taking the official ACT or official SAT.
12. T/F      Through the PSAT, colleges can identify me as someone they would like to apply to college.
1. T
2. F – Harvey Mudd College was the last school to accept the ACT in 2007.
3. F – More students take the ACT nationwide.
4. T – although some students score significantly different on one test compared to the other.
5. T – Not a guarantee, but there is enough of an overlap that students usually do improve on both even if they only prepare for one.
6. T – The most common comments we hear in this regard are helping on multiple choice tests, and in literature and history classes, but sometimes we hear reports of math classes feeling easier too.
7. F – 15 minutes a day can be a huge boost to your score if those 15 minutes are used well.
8. T – As is true for all performances,  like sports, public speaking, acting, etc.
9. T
10. T – Again for some students more so than others.
11. T
12. T

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