I’m a senior and I’m already accepted to a UC for fall 2020. Will the new information UC released affect me?

Short answer: yes! The information UC just released confirmed that they will be accepting AP test scores of 3, 4, and 5. This will benefit students on both ends of the spectrum. Students that were behind during the school year now have an opportunity to review the units of their course, listed on the AP website, and score higher than they may have if they were still learning new material from their AP course. For students who are well prepared, it means that your hard work won’t be taken for granted. Your score will still count towards credit for your college courses.

The UC’s have decided to keep the May 1st deadline for all students to accept their admissions offers. However, each individual campus was asked to provide maximum flexibility for students asking for extensions. If you are considering asking for an extension, you should contact admissions for your campus directly with your request as soon as possible.

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