June 2018 ACT Scores

The ACT began posting scores online on Monday, 6/18/18, night. Scores are posted in batches, meaning that whether your score is up yet is dependent on where you took the test, also known as your test center. So far, we know scores are up for students who tested at the following test centers: San Diego High School, LCC, and Rancho Bernardo High School.

The June ACT is tough on students for a few reasons – APs tend to interfere with prep, end of the year activities are in full swing, and the test itself is often right in the midst of finals. Also, many students felt that the Science section on the June test was especially hard. However, based on the scores we’ve seen so far, it looks like the curve kept up with the increase of challenging questions and allowed students to miss more raw points while maintaining or improving their scaled score. This is pretty on trend with what we’ve noticed about the Science section in general over the last few tests – the questions are getting increasingly harder while the curve is continually nicer.

To see if your score is up, log in to your ACT account on your computer or your phone, and look for the phrase “View My Scores.” And of course feel free to call our office with any questions about accessing or understanding your scores – we are always happy to help!

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