Math Level 2 Subject Test

Q: Who should be taking the Math Level 2 Subject Test?

A: Students who have at least completed Pre-Calc H and will not be able to take the AP Calc Exam in time for admissions (aka until their Senior year). Also students who need them to apply to a desired school (some schools still require them) or desired major within a school (most often Engineering, but worth checking out yours just in case). And of course students who need further indicators of academic success beyond their GPA or ACT/SAT scores.

Q: When is the best time to study for and take the Math Level 2 Subject Test?

A: When you have the time for it. For many students, this means over the summer and taking it for the end of August test date. Subject tests are a smaller time commitment in general and should be taken close to when the class was given, unless they are  the more general subjects such as languages you’re fluent in, Literature (you’ve been in English class for a decade now), or Math (ditto).

Q: What do you recommend for preparing for the Math Level 2 Subject Test?

A: We recommend 12 hours of sessions coupled with approximately 12 hours of homework in between them. This has proven very effective for our students in the past to significantly increase their score and problem solving abilities.

Q: What do you recommend for preparing for other Subject Tests? 

A: Always start from the Official Subject Test Book (link) to see where you’re starting. Purchase several subject test prep books, and start with the practice tests. Question topics repeat, so the best way to get better is to take the practice tests and learn from your mistakes. Repeat over 6-10 practice tests, and then follow up with another Official Subject Test if available. For many tests, self study and review is sufficient. For problem based tests (think Math, Chem, and Physics), it can be extremely useful to utilize a tutor to most effectively learn to problem solve the variety of questions and topics. For many students, this means the 12 hour + 12 hour self study program, but for others it may be less.


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