Mo Prep Update: 7/27/15

Hi all,

And I hope this finds you well! We are about a month out from school starting for most of you (only a few weeks away for some of you!) and just under 6 weeks until the first ACT.

How does this impact you? That depends: if you’re a senior hoping for this ACT to be the last, it’s time to really put some work in! It also means if you’re an athlete or otherwise schedule-constrained student, it would be in your best interests to nail down your schedule ASAP and get your set weeknight in for the school year. We have already booked in our first school-year session!

We also have a practice test coming up on Aug 8th. I highly recommend some of my SAT test takers to take it, just to see if they might gain from a switch. The test will be $25 and will be in Carmel Valley at 8am that Saturday. Please email info@moprep.com to sign up.

Happy last-week-of-July, and see you all soon!


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