New ACT Test Accommodations System

Does your student require accommodations for the ACT test? Starting June 2016, ACT will provide a new system for students with special needs to request accommodations. Currently, students who require accommodations are asked to work with their guidance counselor and provide several pieces of paper documentation just to start requesting accommodations. This system delays the process of getting their test results and creates more work for students, parents, and school officials. The new system is more streamlined and web-based for greater efficiency. It will allow students to register for the test and begin their accommodations request form online independently, and then work with their school official to complete a single online accommodations request form.

According to ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe, ACT wishes to “minimize the burden on these students and their families and further level the playing field for them” with this new system.

During pilot programs, the new system yielded positive results. ACT officials are hopeful that this new procedure will speed up the college application process by delivering test results an average of 10 days sooner than they are currently delivered.

For more information on what disabilities qualify for ACT test accommodations and the 2015 documentation policy, check out the ACT Policy of Documentation: http://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/ACT-Policy-for-Documentation.pdf.

To read the new ACT Test Accommodation System official announcement, check out:  http://www.act.org/content/act/en/newsroom/act-improvements-to-the-act-test-accommodations.html.

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