Practice Tests – Calculator and Watch Checkouts

We now have available for checkout both Calculators (TI-84 Plus CE, TI-84 Plus C, TI-30X IIS and TI-36X Pro) and ACT.org approved test watches.

If you would like to check any of these out, they are on a first-come, first-served basis and can be checked out ahead of your practice test or session with the Office Manager Laura or proctor on test day. We do not allow these to leave Mo Prep’s office so you would need to purchase your own on test day, but this can be a great way to test out the product before you purchase.

The ACT watch from Sandusky can be helpful for watching the time throughout the sections, especially the Reading section. If you suspect timing is a major issue for you, and you are already “well-trained” on approach for the Reading section, this watch may do the trick. It does have a normal watch feature, but the design of the watch is so strange that you probably wouldn’t want to wear it anywhere but test day. The price is a little high for what it offers, but makes a lot of sense if you even see one additional point gained from it. I also heavily prefer this watch over the Tutor Buddy ones on the market, as the square-faced countdown provides a great visual that a circle-faced timer can’t.


Note: we are in no way affiliated with either of the companies who manufacture these products and gain no personal benefit from recommending these products, other than for those who gain anything from using them!

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