Saturday’s ACT: Apr 2019

Well this ACT was a bit of a doozy, wasn’t it?

While we don’t know scores yet, traditionally feelings about the ACT have tracked relatively well with scores on the ACT. Also traditionally, the April ACT has been a little more challenging than most. Whether it’s the time of year with AP’s headed their way / the accumulation of the stress of Junior year, or it’s simply that the ACT organization tends to offer a more difficult examination at the end of Junior year to keep their numbers where they want them to be, April isn’t usually where students hit their goal scores. That being said, every year we always have at least one student hit their goal score on this test, so it’s not completely a wash either. There’s also something to be said for students struggling through and learning from a difficult test. Perhaps this will push them just that little bit more as they stare down their next test.

So, what did we learn from this test? We learned that the Science section was extremely hard. Mixed reports came back from students about English and Math, which can reflect level of preparedness as well as high school curriculum (or even sleep levels!). For the Reading, not much was said at all. Either it was dwarfed by the difficulty of the Science section, or it really was unremarkable and exactly as everyone expected it to be.

So in all we expect English and Math scores to come back relatively well, depending on how students individually felt about them, and improved but not significantly high Reading scores, coupled with perhaps a slight bump in Science to reflect the level of difficulty. It is of course possible that none of our predictions are correct though! And we will learn more as scores pour in and when the test is released at the end of May, but for now know that if you thought Science was hard, it was indeed.

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