Some More Information about the New SAT

The CollegeBoard has decided to release some more information about the upcoming changes to the SAT. There’s a lot of information out there right now, and it seems like each article offers something different to learn, which means CollegeBoard must have released a lot of information!

To see the source, go here: Delivering Opportunity and to sign up for updates, go here: Updates.

If however, you don’t want to root around the actual website and instead want to read what others have to say, you can check out some of these articles:

Revised SAT Won’t Include Obscure Vocabulary Words, by Tamar Lewin at The New York Times

CollegeBoard Provides a Glimpse of the New SAT, by Kimberly Hefling at Associated Press

Previewing the New SAT, by Scott Jaschik at Inside Higher Ed

CollegeBoard Releases Preview of New SAT Exam Questions, by Nick Anderson at The Washington Post


  1. Liz E. |

    Which students will be first to take the new SAT? Should students entering their junior year in fall 2014 worry about the new exam? – liz

  2. danamo957 |

    Great question! The new SAT will first be administered March 2016, which means it applies to those who are juniors that year: the current crop of Freshmen, or the Class of 2017. If you are in the classes before then (2015 or 2016, or as you said, a junior entering in 2014), you will take the current SAT. Everyone else in the Class of 2017 or beyond will be taking the new SAT.


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