The Best Testing Site For You

For every test date, we are peppered with questions regarding which test site is better to register for. From what we’ve gathered, there are certainly better and worse experiences, but a lot of them depend on your individual circumstances. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing a site:

1. Too far from your house – Having to drive an hour to get to a testing site you’ve never been to is never optimal: avoid it at all costs. However, if you must drive far, do a trial drive the Saturday beforehand to know how long it will take. Or you can use Google Maps to estimate the time it would take using the “Arrive At” feature.

2. Too close to your house – Testing at your high school or another local school (San Diego HS for our Point Loma Students, LCC for our CCA Students) can sound great, but the likelihood of running into someone you know increases dramatically. This can be good if it’s a friend you regularly compete and study with, but disastrous if the friend is either no longer very friendly with you or on the other side, entirely too friendly with you and serves as a distraction.

3. At a University – This one’s a pretty mixed bag. We have heard pretty positive results from SDSU and from Palomar College, but mostly negative reviews from UCSD. The desks at UCSD are tiny college desks, and the classroom in which you’ll be taking the test will likely be a lecture hall, slanted so that everyone can see everyone else’s answer sheets. Hardly helpful to have someone’s eyes all over your test, distracting you from getting in the zone, nor is it great to have to tuck your answer key into your test booklet and keep your calculator on your lap!

4. Where parking is a problem – This can easily be avoided if you have your parent drop you off and pick you up from your test site. I would highly recommend this option if it’s available to you. It will significantly cut down on test day stress. However, if it’s not an option, I would recommend doing some Google Satellite sleuthing to determine where the possible parking lots are near the site so that, in case the main lot is full or roped off, you know a few backup places to park just in case. Nothing like worrying about your car being ticketed or towed while you’re taking a high stakes test!


Any questions about specific test centers? We’ve probably got answers! Text us at (858) 951-7149, no matter how last minute and close to the deadline.


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