Thoughts on the Last SAT

As some of you may know, I sat in on the SAT last Saturday. I like to take them at least once a year to not only see what might be changing on the test, but also see how true to form I can/do stay on top of my own teachings.

What did I find out? I found out a little bit where the SAT is heading, and for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised. The test seemed even more predictable than it has in sittings past. Perhaps this is just a sign of my own familiarity with the test, but fortunately either way this means this is something I can (and do) teach to you all as we continue to move forward in our lessons.

And as for the second lesson I wanted to learn? I learned that even with air conditioning right behind me, an early start time + a hot, hot day combined with a later break (after section 6 instead of 7, thanks proctor) makes for some missed opportunities for strategies.

An additional lesson on top of this, though, is that without some of the strategies, I was still able to use them to double check my work. So a lesson for you all: if you forget to use your strategies up front (because of fatigue or whatever else may cause this), you can still use them to double check the correct answers. You may, like me, catch a mistake or two this way!

Now we just have to wait until April 2nd to get our scores back. Best of luck to those of you who sat on Saturday for it.

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