Transferring Colleges? Some Accept More Transfers Than Others

If you’ve started school and found—for whatever reason—your college or university of choice is not the right fit; don’t fret. Thousands of students transfer to different schools each year.

But some schools are much more likely to accept transfers than others, according to a report released last week by U.S. News & World report, which tracks college rankings.

And the proportion of students who do transfer at least once during their college experience is as high as one in three according to the report.

The largest number of transfer students ended up in California, Florida and Texas, with some California schools receiving high rankings for the percentage of transfers accepted in 2011, the last year tracked by U.S. News.

California state college Sacramento accepted nearly 87% of its transfer applicants that year. Arizona State had the greatest number of incoming transfers, at more than 6,700.

Are you considering transferring? Check out the full list of most transferred-to schools at U.S. News & World.

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