Useful College Planning Resource

Anxious about which school is the best school? About how you’re going to afford it and if it will be worth it? Have some time to kill but would rather not spend it playing games on your phone?

While this site won’t solve all your problems nor answer all your questions, it’s one of the best resources I’ve seen. Welcome to College Scorecard (clickable link).

I’ll admit I had heard about it a year or two ago but felt it was likely redundant to other resources out there [like the CollegeBoard’s Big Future (clickable link)].

And it very much does have some redundancies. However, what I like most about it is that it reduces the information to an easily viewable page. And the easily digested information becomes somewhat addicting.

For example, check out the differences between UC Riverside and Cal Poly SLO: average cost at UCR is 11k and the average salary upon graduation is 49k, while with SLO, the average cost is 17k with a salary of 61k. Seems like a pretty “good deal.”

I would in no universe have predicted that UCR was more affordable than SLO, nor that there was a 12k difference in starting salaries. However, this is potentially the difference in having a very strong engineering department and should be taken with a grain of salt. Just because the average salary is 61k does not mean that your salary will be 61k.

Whatever the limitations however, this is a pretty interesting site worth spending some time on whether you are just starting your search or trying to narrow down between the ones you’ve gotten into.

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