Yes to TIR!

To all students who took the April ACT and did not pay the additional $20 for the TIR, please consider doing so! The TIR is the service that is only offered for 3 of the tests a year (December, April, and June) that mails out a copy of your test and the answers YOU provided. It can be extremely insightful if you didn’t hit the score you wanted, or if you want to make improvements from there. While it won’t allow us to see the actual work you did (it’s a copy of the test, not your actual test), it does provide an excellent window through which to interpret what happened. Did you miss all the questions in the Differing Viewpoints passage on Science? Did you miss question #13 in math (you know, the one you knew how to do so well that maybe you didn’t write anything out for it….)? Did you actually miss all 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 of the last questions in any section or were the mistakes spread out? And of course, it allows you to revisit your mistakes on a test you’ve already taken. All for $20!

If you didn’t sign up for it originally, you can look for the email that was sent out shortly after this test and still sign up by tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am. If you have missed this deadline, you can print out this page here (2018-2019 link), complete the information, and mail it and a check in up to 6 months after your test date. If you’re not sure if you signed up for it, check your old receipt either by logging in or finding it in your email records. And of course there is still time to wait for your scores and then request the TIR if you’re unsure if you’ll take it again depending on that score.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you originally signed up for it, the fastest way to check is to see how much you paid for the ACT. The original test plus the essay should total $67. If you purchased the TIR, your total would be $87.

I should also note that there is an additional option listed at the back of each TIR (the actual test copy) as well that allows you to pay an extra $20 to receive a copy of your essay. I have never seen a student take advantage of this option, but the only way to get a copy of your ACT essay is through the first TIR payment and then an additional payment.

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