Your Fall Test Scores

Your Fall Test Scores

As summer is winding down and summer reading, college applications and essays are all starting to weigh on your mind, it’s time to also consider when or if you’ll be taking the fall SATs or ACTs.

Among the advice for Seniors shared by CollegeView, “57 percent of students improve their ACT score on the second attempt,” although they also caution that “test prep—and test taking itself—can distract you from completing applications and maintaining those crucial senior-year grades that many colleges will begin requesting in January.”

Another thing to keep in mind is if the repeated attempts will negatively impact your application. If you are taking the ACT, the colleges and universities you apply to will never know how many times you’ve taken it, whether it was just once or their max of 12 times. This means you have little to lose (other than precious time) by taking it again.

However, if you are taking the SAT, this can be quite a different discussion altogether. Many schools still refuse the ScoreChoice option, so taking it again and scoring lower could impact your chances at a school. Of course if you score higher, it would only help. But there is also the likelihood of your score staying the same, or even dropping a little, in which case it might be best to focus your energies on other ways to improve your application.

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  1. lsabe24 |

    Being from the East Coast, where the SAT is popular, I always wondered if there was an upside to the ACT when it comes to score reporting. Thanks for clarifying!


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