1. How many points does the average student gain on the ACT with Mo Prep?

5.25 Points

Answer: 5.25 points

What makes us different?

At Mo Prep, we are most interested in helping our students get into the “right fit” college. Although for some students the right fit means the Ivies, Stanford, etc., we know for most students this means something else entirely. We look to understand and support the student through every step of the admission process, including test prep, application help, essay writing, school selection, and preparation for the next steps.

We strive to provide an all-inclusive set of services, although we also offer services on an a la carte basis.

How it works.

To start off, we’ll hold an initial consult to discuss your student’s needs and how we can best provide those services. The initial consult is free, and will be largely dependent on where your child is in the application process.

After we have set up a plan, the individual experts will begin working with the student.

What we do.

Mo Prep’s team offers the following services, which we deliver to your door. Seeking more than one of our services?

  • SAT/ACT prep
  • TOEFL Test Prep
  • Personal statement/essay consulting
  • Scholarship search and application assistance
  • College selection help
  • Deadline planning and execution
  • College skills discussion


We’re also happy to offer the following supplemental services:

  • Math tutoring
  • English tutoring
  • TEFL/TOESL tutoring
  • CAE/FCE test prep
  • Student-athlete college application services
  • Seeking a service you don’t see here? Contact us. We may be able to help.
  • College major/concentration guidance